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3rd Anniversary at Rang Mai Library

On this sunny Saturday, Rang Mai Library was filled with children and adults who came to celebrate its 3rd anniversary. We had guests from different districts in Chiang Mai, conducting various activities.

In our library, children enjoyed making small jewelry boxes and lantern from used plastic bottles, conducted by Ta and her team from Children and Youth Development Association (CYDA). In the meantime, parents enjoyed browsing through our books on the shelves.

In another room that we have rented for the day, Read for Life Chiang Mai brought four huge boxes full of books in different categories, and people could buy them for just one baht each! They also taught us how to make bookmarks and handmade books.

Auntie Kate, a lady who has been doing bamboowork for more than 30 years came from Sarapee District with CYDA friends, and taught us how to make colorful mobile of fish and birds. Nearby, young children was having great time with coloring.

Another special feature of our event was our musicians. Children from PHrao Withayakhom School and some grandpas in Phrao played traditional music from northern Thailand. Their music throughout the morning was so sweet and refreshing.

After simple lunch, we did something that we had never tried before--a panel discussion. The panelists were Mr. Jon Jandai from Pun Pun organic farm, Auntie Dum who used to run Partnership Sharing Community, Uncle Anan from Earthen House Library, and Mr. Phu from Chiang Dao Bookshop. We had very interesting exchange under the theme of dream library.

We must say that the day ended in overwhelming success. Actually, so many people came to our event that we had to reorder our lunch boxes! We would like to express our big thanks to everyone who came to share this day with us.

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