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Delivery Puppet show to the Schools

On July, 22nd, a team from Chiang Dao branch of The Makhampom Theatre Group visited Phrao to perform puppet show. They are a nonprofit organization, whose aim is to empower community by theater play, circus, and other forms of art.

Staff from Rang Mai Library took them to Ton Rung School and Little Candles School

To accommodate all children in those schools, the group must have performed the same story called "Fish is Fish" 5-6 times! The brilliant thing is, even though we watched it many many times with different group of children, we never got bored, because they would change the play each time a little bit to tailor to each age group.

All children, from kindergarten class up to grade 6, were absolutely fascinated to see the unique performance. After the 10-minute play, the children was introduced to the puppets made of rubbish such as plastic bottles and candy wrapper.

Thank you, friends at Makhampom, for bringing theater play so close to the children in Phrao!
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